Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Apple Trees and Eschatology

I have been looking for bees. It is probably a little early yet, but the sage is in full bloom and the iris are glorious.

Mostly I'm looking for bees because I have planted two apple trees in my suburban garden. Now, I know that these trees have already bloomed and been pollinated by other bees. I'm going to keep looking. . .they're out there!

I planted these trees, (one a gift from a congregant) because I had an epiphany while visiting the orchard on the farm of a member of my church. We were inspecting the apple, cherry and pear trees. It occurred to me, as I was standing there gazing at the white blossoms, that I wanted to be in one place long enough to see trees mature and bear fruit. I so appreciated the longevity and continuity of this orchard and these people, I realized that I wanted to plant trees; to root myself in one place.

My decision the leave the congregation located 80 miles from my partner and our home and garden was a faith-ful decision. I want to grow a garden here. I want to grow a church here. That is, it seems to me, eschatological faith: confidence and planting in the here and now --and yearning for the future in confidence of the ultimate salvation of creation. It is an elegant prolepsis--what David Tracy calls "Always/already and not yet". That tension is what I love about ministry. It is also what I learned to love about farming.

I am called to be in that tension.

Eschatology is about edges, and horizons; honey bees and apple trees.


Blogger Sally said...

what a wonderful illustration those trees are, they are both an illustration and a proclomation and a prophetic prayer... may they grow well and bear much fruit!

11:56 AM

Blogger LutheranChik said...

Happy Delurking...what a coincidence that your post fits nicely in the current season in the Church year!

9:58 AM


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