Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moving Steadfastly Toward the Impossible

Amazing Good News. . . and Bad News. It is planting season here. The dust is flying and the town is kind of ghosty. Everyone will be in the fields preparing the soil, hoping, dreaming for a better future.

This early spring has not been without its tilling and planting in my congregation: Early this month there was a congregational meeting to discuss homosexuality. The title of the workshop was "Where Does This Congregation Stand on Homosexuality?" I was, of course, not in attendance. There was a very good panel, and the church was full (good news in itself for a Sunday afternoon). At the end of the meeting there was a straw poll. Those assembled "voted" overwhelmingly that they were "Open and Affirming And accepting of Lesbian and Gay marriage." Amazing, Right? One more step toward God's reign of peace and justice.

The Bad News? Even with this amazing happening, the search committee is still interviewing candidates. Apparently they feel there has got to be a man with a wife and two point three kids out there who is an outstanding preacher, teacher, youth director, pastoral care provider. . . they just haven't looked enough. And, well, they can always call me to be the pastor if they haven't found anyone yet.

Too late: I have completely lost trust. No more safe days. May 14 is my last Sunday. Keep me in your prayers -- I'll integrate and communicate the accomplishements and shortcomings of my time here in a future blog.

In the meantime, like Mary and Mary, I will carry my spices with me and walk steadfastly toward the impossible. (My sermon title for Sunday!)

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